Sweet-Hearted People ..

People are really so loving! ..

So sweet and so understanding.. 

They could be so understanding that they could spread this love by banning out with them , second step , criticize you until you blow up, get tortured , suffer ,and die wandering all alone , lost in their words. 

You feel wrong, flawed , broken and never perfect nor good enough, to anyone , or even to do anything perfectly.

But then after getting hurt millions of time, and after keeping on the forgiveness and faith of a better tomorrow, it will come a time you will learn from your mistake, you will build your walls on a new pile of self-esteem, never been before , your heart turns to ice , gather itself from pieces to stone, unbreakable ,brave and ready to face it fears , people’s shit and everyday ‘s issues.

You just keep holding on , making a balance between holding on and letting go.


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