Hero Of Cancer <3

So I’ve read that book that changed my life , after what Divergent  recovered , so its called The Fault In Our Stars , to the brilliant writer , John Green.
Why am I mentioning it when you already know about it??

Well my dear diary,as crazy as it might seems,this book widened my eyes to reality.But not every day’s reality.


This book introduced me to the life of ‘cancer patients’; but especially teenagers my age.

This book left a mark that no word could describe.

It pushed me to the limit of my analyzing, and left me hanging on the thin line of being thankful of my half-health , or wishing of having cancer my turn.

Yes im serious.Why? not throwing a joke nor trying to give a credit for the book;afterwards its a masterpiece of perfection so it doesn’t need me to valorize it; just by the thoughts of teenagers OR kids struggling and fighting cancer away , trying to enjoy every second while breathing and seeing lights every morning, I just feel wrong; of being healthy and living every day not worthy of a thing in my life , wasting my breaths for complaining and insulting or being mean; it just feel unfair only by the thought of this side , on the other side , I just feel responsible for every pain they feel , even thought its not my fault, but as long as I’m owning a healthy body and they don’t, that will do the guilt and the grief biting up my heart and keeping my mind always in hope of having cancer.


But this wish is not only happiness-granting ; There’s my mother’s grief , but then her over care. There’s  my friends’ tears but then there overdosed love and doubled care. There’s that victory inside,of dying a hero, just by struggling and winning the battle with cancer, even thought when you die with cancer means a loss , but how could a soldier die with the enemy without being called a hero?

Didn’t he take this ‘enemy’ down with him? didn’t he sacrificed his life just to get rid of this enemy and free himself from it?

That’s the case with ‘canceric -patients’.

You just end up struggling and then die a hero but most importantly , to die with a purpose , fighting and screwing cancer down .


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